Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mmmmm The Smell of Crayons

What is your favorite childhood memory of back to school? Mine was picking out my school supplies! I didn't really care about the new clothes or shoes, but I had to have the coolest pens, the awesome folders, and all of the other fun supplies they come out with. I absolutely love the smell of a fresh box of crayons. One sniff sends me back in time! To this day, I still get excited over Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank - how can you not, they are so much fun!!!

So as the season is upon us, as stressful as times may seem, don't forget to take in the excitement of back to school. The new clothes, new class, new teacher and a fresh box of crayons!!! Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful school year ~ and don't forget to take time to smell the crayons :)


Tuesday's Child said...

Not too much for Hello Kitty, but I love Lisa Frank! When I was in school we didn't have all the fancy notebooks and folders. Probably just as well - I wouldn't have been allowed to buy them so I would have just sulked about it. There were six of us to buy supplies for, so we go the cheapest there was.

I think my favorite part of back to school was seeing all my friends again. But, yeah, I love the smell of a fresh box of crayons also.

Mrs. Estupinan said...

I love Lisa Frank! I was browsing their website when I added the link. I never realized they had names for the characters. My favorites were Forrest and Hunter (tiger and cheetah).

I also enjoyed getting to see my friends! It's just such a fun and magical time for kids. I cannot wait to be a part of it with my own classroom :)


Mrs. Czeh said...

I love the start of a new year also. As teachers we really do have an advantage, in that way, over other professions. Each fall its just like Christmas with all the newness: a new class list, new supplies, new ideas, and just being refreshed and renewed professionally every 12 months. It's awesome! I agree, it's time to look forward to a new exciting year with a new refreshed attitude!

Mrs. Estupinan said...

It is exciting to have a fresh new start every year! I truly think that teaching is the best profession. You get something new everyday and there is constant change (can't get bored)!! Good luck this year!

jasekj919 said...

Wow. What a great reminder. I remember walking into my elementary classrooms and seeing who was in there and then finding with whom I was sitting.

...and in terms of my childhood smells, Play-Doh smells like six-year-old Joey!

Mrs. Estupinan said...

Ah yes... play-doh is another memorable smell. :) That's funny that it reminds you of someone specific.

Tuesday's Child said...

I am still working on my teacher certification. I start my student teaching next year.

It is a great analogy to compare the beginning of school to Christmas. I never thought about it that way, but it is a great fit. Even as a child it was like Christmas getting all the new stuff and seeing people you hadn't seen in awhile.

I work in an elementary school library and I love it. The beginning of school is so much fun. It's great seeing the kids coming in so eager, comapring notes on who is in which class.

I didn't know there were names for the Lisa Frank characters either, I just love the art work. I'll have to go check out the website. Thanks.

Mrs. Estupinan said...

TC - we'll have to stay in touch. I too start student teaching the following fall. This fall I will be doing my field based in an elementary classroom - I can't wait!!!