Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thing #8 RSS Feeds and Readers

Don't you just learning new things, I DO!! I had always seen these little orange icons on websites I frequent. I wasn't quite sure what they are, but now I know!! They are RSS Feeds and they allow you to collect all your websites, blogs, news, etc into a reader. No more checking out 10 different websites, it's all there for you. Like a Google tutorial said, "It's an inbox for the web". And I love it!!!

I decided to go with Google reader. As you know I love Google and I thought it would be much easier to keep track of all my new learning tools if I kept them all in the same place. Here are the items listed on my reader, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thing #8 Excercise:

Q:What do you like about RSS and newsreaders?
  • I love that everything is right at my fingertips. I am becoming a blog junkie. I love that I can put all of my favorite blogs in one spot and read them when I'm ready. No more having to go surf through 10 different blogs. I also like that I can add them to folders. The more organized you are, the easier it is to find the things you are looking for!
Q: How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your school or personal life?
  • In my personal life, I will be able to skim through my favorite sites quickly. As far as school goes, I'm not quite in the classroom yet, but I think this will help me keep a step in the latest trends. I know life as a teacher is busy, busy, busy, so this will definitely come in handy once I'm in the classroom, so I can stay up to date with my teacher friends.
Q:How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?
  • They can keep themselves and students up to date all in one spot. I was thinking this is also good because the teacher can limit what to share with students. Say for instance the teacher is signed up for a news group and she shares her reader with her students, if an article is not appropriate for the classroom, she can just remove it.
I know I will be using RSS feeds and readers! My question is - how do I add a RSS feed to my classroom website. How cool would it be for parents to get news from the classroom through their readers, vs having to go through and check the different links to my website. :) Pretty nifty! (BTW this is on my list of things I want to learn)

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