Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thing 7 Googlemania

I love GOOGLE!! It is by far the webpage I visit the most. What I love even more are the extra tools Google offers.

I tested out Google Notebooks. GN allows you to save links and info into one spot. I love this tool!! What I usually do is just create folders on my computer and try to put a great description for the file name. I love how you can add labels so you can find things easier in GN. The only thing that I wish it had the capability was to save images. I know I could just list links, but I've run into trouble by just bookmarking and saving links. (I love to search the web for ideas for my future classroom. I had hundreds of teachers website bookmarked with tons of great information. I lost a lot of this great info because the teacher no longer has their website going!) I would suggest if you do use Google notebook to copy and paste all of the information your are wanting to keep and not just links. So for my first notebook I created one for all of my safari theme ideas. I was able to create labels such as "bulletin boards", so that I can easily find all of my notes on that subject. Here is my safari notebook. There are so many possibilities with this tool. Students could use it when doing research projects to keep track of all of their resources. It's great for teachers to keep track of ideas or themes within the classroom. I love this tool and I know I will use it in my classroom!

Another tool that I hadn't heard about was Google Docs. This tool has several templates for many common documents you use everyday. Some great ones I found while looking through it where attendance and grade books. There are so many templates that students and teachers can use. Very cool!!!

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