Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thing #11 LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a great tool to catalog you books, chat with others who have read the same books, join groups with other that have similar reading interests and review the books you've read. I had fun on this site. I love to read books and I love reading books that others suggest to me. I can use this site in so many ways. I can share books that I loved and find out what others are reading. I could make a classroom assignment using this site where students could have accounts and review books. When I was browsing through the groups, I saw several teacher who grouped together so each knew what books other teachers had in the school that could be shared between classrooms - what a great idea!! I even found a widget for my blog that shows everyone what I am reading currently. I also found 2 groups to join. Multicultural books for children and Picture books. I was hoping to find a teacher group or an elementary group to share ideas, but the ones I found were specific to a school or weren't exactly what I was looking for. Maybe I should create one :)

I did love this site. I think it could be a very powerful tool in the classroom. I don't think I will catalog all of my books just yet. Last year I found amazing software that creates a database for my books. It's called bookcollector. But I would be willing to do double entry if the teachers in my school decide to create a group so we can see what books we can borrow from each other. For now I will record the books I'm currently reading so I can continue to use my blog widget!

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