Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thing 18 Open Office

I think open office could be a great tool for students. Office can be very expensive! Open office is an alternative solution that is free and gives students access to basic document creation, such as spreadsheets, presentations and documents. I think it being free and having the ability to share the documents easily is a great plus. I don't really see any cons, other than the extra fun stuff that comes with office will be missing - but it's FREE!!! (I already have office on my computer, so I didn't download this program, so I might have missed some other cons that aren't apparent until you play in the program.)

It wasn't discussed in this exercise, but I recently found scribd. You can upload your documents and share them over the web. I love it!! It's a great way to share resources that I've created, without having to take up space on my website. Try it out - it's GREAT!

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