Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thing #10 Image Generator

This was such a fun exercise. I found so many useful tools to use in and out of my classroom. Here are some of the fun things I made.

This site has some cute tools to use. You can create an image with a message on the beach or create a baseball jersey. How fun is that! This is a fun tool for kids. Here is something fun I created. Enjoy! Flower Text!

There were so many great tools on this site. You can create magazine covers, add your face to a funny body, and so much more. I created a magazine cover. I know the kids would love this. I thought this would be a great tool for an autobiography project. The funny body one was cute too and would make cute Christmas gift for parents. 

This site also has some great tools. I had fun playing with the motivator tool. I thought this would be a great way to give out awards in class. I also loved badge maker. This would have been prefect for my comic book class that I held this summer. But teachers could do all types of things with this for themes throughout the year. I also found the palette generator to be really cool! You upload a picture and it will tell you what colors coordinate with that picture. What a great tool for scrapbookers.

I spent all morning on these sites. They really are a lot of fun. So many possibilities with these tools.


Nice Guy said...

Awesome graphic tools and no costly software!

Mrs. Estupinan said...

Yes they are very cool! I see you are the creator - thanks for making such fun things and sharing them with us!!!