Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thing#5- Flickr

I had heard about flickr, but had never really used it before. In my comic book class that I recently taught, I allowed the students to use images from Google images. I know have another resource to use that allows for the correct way to use images. I will also be teaching my students the importance of abiding by copyright laws.

I found so many amazing pictures, but what a great resource for teachers. I did a search on classroom libraries and found some wonderful pictures and great ideas!!!

In the spirit of "Shark Week", I wanted a picture of a shark. I found this fabulous picture. The person who took it ran into it while snorkeling - can you imagine? What a beautiful image.

I love Shark Week!! I get so excited when I start seeing the commercials for it. Of course I've been watching it all week :) I have been catching for at least the past 13 years. I think this is it's 21st year on the air. AMAZING!! So far my favorite has been Cash Cab - Shark Week and Survivor - Shark Week.

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