Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is that on sale? Check it twice!

I have been back to school shopping like crazy. It's right around the corner and my kids and I needs supplies, new clothes, backpacks and all that good stuff. There are some amazing deals out there....but make sure you are getting the deal! Over the past few days, I've visited and purchased from at least 8 different stores. Of those 8, 6 of them overcharged me! Total it was probably 60$. No joke!! Some of the problems I've run into.
  • Discounts not being applied
  • Coupons not applied correctly
  • Price don't reflect the advertised price.
  • Items being charged twice
I normally don't watch the prices being added nor do I check my receipts. But since I have a lot of shopping to do, I'm trying to budget myself. I was blown away at how much I was being overcharged. I caught all of them because I was at register watching all of the prices. On a lot of my purchases, prices were listed as sale prices with signs but the register didn't match the discount. One sales associate said that all of the stores are trying to do big pushes with bts sales that sometimes the registers aren't getting updated properly with the correct prices. My advice watch your prices. Make mental notes of what the sale price should be. If you see something not being calculated correctly, speak up. Even if it's only 1$ (you can buy a lot for a dollar)! Also double check your receipts. At one store they charged me for an item twice. Everyone makes mistakes, but 6 out of the 8 stores is CRAZY!! What scares me is how many times I've been overcharged and didn't even notice it!!


Betty said...

You are so right! Also, my daughter and I were talking about how some stores keep higher prices on tax free weekend and put things on sale the next weekend. It pays to be careful. I recently had a lady blame the computer when she charged me for six of the same items instead of the five that I bought. I saved six dollars by catching her mistake.:)

Mrs. Estupinan said...

I think you're right. I never shop tax free weekend. Saving 8$ isn't worth the craziness out there. Plus I find much better deals if I shop several weeks before it. I'm glad you caught that! I am amazed at how often it is happening. Can you imagine how much the stores are making if they are getting an extra 5$ per person who shop there?!?!?

nancym said...

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