Sunday, July 13, 2008

Student teachers, are still teachers. Right?

Even though I'm not officially a teacher, I still consider myself a teacher. This fall I will be in an elementary classroom for my field based block. I can't tell you how excited I am!

As you've seen I've already started to prepare for my future classroom. And I think that I can already call myself a teacher. So...I'm all about places that give discounts to teachers. Here are some places who have allowed me to sign up for the rewards program without having my official teacher credentials. As with anything, it all depends on where you go and who you ask. I would suggest signing up for these reward programs online. You may be asked to provide the school where you teach, I teach prek so I've used this school's name and I've used my university's name. Just be prepared that they may or may not allow you to sign up for the reward card, but the worst they can say is no! (But all of the listed companies have allowed me to sign up, and I'm still in school) And now is a wonderful time to sign up. With back to school upon us, alot of these companies are offering free breakfasts, free supplies, discounts out the wazoo and even classes. So here they go.

Office Max - MaxPerks for Teachers - get reward $$ for every dollar you spend, also get it for recycling ink cartridges. They usually have teacher specials through the summer. Last year they had free and unlimited laminating (it was AMAZING!) but this year it will only be 50% off. They will have other offers. The only way to take advantage of these it to sign up and receive you card.

Office Depot - Star teacher program - Earn cash back with purchases and recycling. Also have a teacher breakfast where teacher's get goodie bags!!

Borders - Teacher program - Receive 20% off of purchases. This one I believe you have to fill out in the store. They allowed me to sign up as a student teacher and use my university name.

Lakeshore Learning - Teacher's Club - Receive 15% off. Also have coupons that you can use when you have a card. Have to sign up in the store.

Michaels - Knack Faculty - Program that offers classes and ideas for your class. Right now they are offering free classes for teachers. I'm not sure if they offer a discount or not, but the classes sound fun.

Scholastic - Book Club - You can't officially sign up for the book club until you are a teacher, but here is an offer for student teachers to sign up and receive points toward your first class.

Here are a few other places to try. I haven't really looked into them too much, but I've heard they offer discounts: Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Kinkos, and 1/2 priced books. It never hurts to ask any store if they offer teacher discounts. Be honest let them know you are a student teacher and most of the time they will say ok and give you the discount.

I hope these work for you! Let me know if you know of any others that I've left off the list.

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Nancy Full said...

After you wrote a comment on my blog, I decided to pop over here and visit. Wow, I am so impressed with you!

You are gathering some great references to guide your future teaching. I'm impressed with the time and effort you are investing outside the required course work. Your commitment is going to make you an effective teacher.

You asked to link to my blog. You're welcome to do that. I intend to return here and follow your journey through the education program ... and celebrate with you when you get that first teaching assignment!

Mrs. Full