Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to School Finds

Back to school season is in full swing. The past few days I have visited some of my favorite stores for deals: Target, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Walmart. I have found some pretty cool things. If you haven't made your way to the Target 1$ spot - you must go. They have great teacher supplies. I have found the following (all for 1 buck). Pocket charts, self inking stamps, counter, helper chart, awards, bookmarks, sticky notes, sticky flags, puzzles, stickers, a teacher bell, accordion folders, and so much more. My 2 favorite finds there are 1 - the pocket charts and 2- the little farm animals. I purchased some of the pocket charts last year during back to school and I was excited that they brought them back. They are very small charts, but can be used for many things. You could use them in centers for chart work (poetry, sentences, sight words and the list goes on), schedule chart, center assignments, cooperative group assignments, the possibilities are endless. Even though they are small, I love that I can print things directly from the computer and use with them. My 2nd favorite the small animals were 50 farm animals in a small plastic pouch. They are the perfect size to use as manipulatives for math, games, counting, etc. Very cute stuff!!
I sold one of my textbooks and made a few bucks. I decided I would stop by my local teacher store to see if I could find any good deals or anything to go with my new theme. I spent some time picking and putting back. I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Every bulletin board set I found seemed to have something wrong with it - it had monkeys, jungle was written on it or the animals look funny. Anyways I managed to find a few bulletin board trims and a few other tidbits. As I got in line the girl rang me up. I saw a sign that said Terrific Tuesdays where certain items would be on sale each Tue. I asked her what would be on sale next Tues. She had to search around but finally found the listing for next Tues. Now she already rang me up and I was about to hand her my cash, when she announced it would be trims(buy 1 get 1 free). Wouldn't that be my luck. Well I asked if it was too late to take the trims off, so I could come back and get them while they were on sale. She was so sweet and not only took them off, but offered to save them behind the counter for me until Tuesday. Teacher Heaven rocks!! If you have one near you, check out their Terrific Tuesday specials!
Some of the other places I listed had some good deals too!
Big Lots - teacher awards, teacher plan books (I picked one of these up), pencils, sticks and other cute trinkets. All were around 1$
Dollar Tree - teacher awards, stickers, bulletin board trims, and I found these really cool word wall spinners (similar to these). The children spin and do different activities using the word wall. Would make a great center!
I got to work on my website today as well. It consumed most of my morning! I'm having trouble with formatting but got quite a bit done today.

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