Saturday, July 19, 2008

Postcards, notecards and sticky pads - OH MY!

Last year, a friend gave me the great idea to use Vistaprint to print off things for my classroom. I ordered several items including sticky pads, post cards, stamps, note cards and more. All of the stuff was free, and I just had to pay shipping. It was an awesome deal.

Well the VP bug bit again. I recently placed another order. VP has really grown in their selections! They have so many templates that are beautiful to use. So here was my order. I paid a whole 9$ for all this stuff. I will definitely place another order. If you get on VP email list, you will get emails all the time with their freebies.

100 Postcards- to welcome new students to my class.
250 business cards - Free homework pass to be used as an incentiveSticky Notes

Note padNote cards & envelopes


Nancy Full said...

I MUST check out Vistaprint- -I'm liking the products you ordered.

I also like the new look of your blog. Keep posting- -you have clever ideas to offer. "Tis the season our thoughts turn back to school."


Mrs. Estupinan said...

Yes you have to, VP Rocks!! I would suggest signing up for emails first, this way you will get their specials. Never pay for anything, just shipping. If it's not free today, it will be soon :)

Ty everyone had the dots, so I had to be different!