Tuesday, July 22, 2008

File Folder Games

I absolutely love file folder games. There are so many great pros to using file folder games in the classroom. 1. They are super cheap to make 2. Very compact for easy storage 3. Great for centers, quiet time, game days or even for students who finish work early. 4 Wonderful for practicing skills 5. All ages of kids like them and they can be adapted to any level, and the list goes on and on.

SOoooooo.... what are file folder games. They are games that you create using a basic file folder. The game usually involves matching of some sort. They range in all levels of skills and you can find all types of themes from math, basic skills, reading comprehension and more - the possibilities are endless. Typically there are game pieces that you glue directly onto the file folder and there are usually pieces that are loose that the kids match up.

FF games are really easy to make! Several of the big educational publishing companies have resource books on file folder games. Most of them you just cut and glue the game pieces on a file folder - that simple. There are also yahoo groups dedicated to file folder games. Google "file folder games" and you will be amazed at how many free ones there are. But you can make your own using clipart or die cuts. The object of ff games is to create a fun way for students to work and improve on skills. The ff game pictured, I created using File Folder Games CD-2004 and is called Puppy Love. The hearts have pictures of misc items. The dogs have a letter on each ear, these represent the first and last sound of the picture. So for the heart with the queen, you would match up the dog with the q and n on it's ears.

I created a tutorial for creating file folder games with a pouch to store the extra game pieces. I recently saw pouch file folders at the teacher store. They were about 5$ for 3 - yes only 3. Using this tutorial, you can make them for much cheaper. They are perfect for ff games and really help keep them together.

FF games are so much fun to create, here are some helpful tips that I have learned as I create them.
1. Laminate, Laminate, Laminate! This will increase the durability of the game.
2. Don't use glue to stick on your pieces, instead use a tape runner like scrapbookers use. This will eliminate bumps and make your game more "professional" looking.
3. Buy little baggies to keep all the pieces together. (You can find them at Walmart or other craft sores)
4. Label all of the pieces with the game title. This is so helpful when you find a missing piece hiding.
5. On the back of the loose pieces write the correct answer so the students can self check.
6. Use colored file folders, they just look better!

Here are some great ff game books/ websites (in case you don't have that creative bug in you)
CD 2005-Reading and Math
CD 104049 Colorful File Folder Games
My File Folder Games Website
File Folder Heaven


Anonymous said...

I've found that I use file folders quite a bit in special education classrooms as they make great independent work tasks and can elicit so many great skills. I've added your article link on my blog if you don't mind as a teacher's tip. And your blog is one of my favorites, so I've also added you. Thanks for the super pointers on making file folders!

Mrs. Estupinan said...

You are very welcome!! And I don't mind one bit for you to link to my page :) I absolutely love file folders. They serve so many purposes and are so simple to make!

Nia said...

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