Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cake TV

So yesterday morning, I was flipping through the channels. On the Saturday morning cartoon channels, I found this show called Cake TV. I just had to giggle to myself. I swear as a little girl, I was just like this girl. I was a craft nut! I would come up with all kinds of crazy ideas to make things. I remember designing stationary. I had come up with a technique where I would draw pretty designs with chalk, then spritz them with water and hang them to dry. It really gave a cool look to the paper. I would go around selling them for .25 for 2 sheets and an envelope - and people really bought them. It brought back great memories of what a crazy child I was. But these kids really do make some cute and fun things. Yesterday, they made those cute little soaps. They look like so much fun!! I checked out their website and they have a load of craft ideas. Now you couldn't do all of the ideas with your class, but you may get an idea or two to help decorate your classroom - or even ideas for Christmas gifts. So check out their website and you can see just how silly I was when I was younger.

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