Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mail Call - Safari Style

A while back I stumbled across a website. This teacher had wonderful ideas and was so generous to share them on her website. One idea in particular got me so excited. Her name is Cindy and her website is the virtual vine. You must check it out and bookmark it. It's an excellent site with wonderful resources for teachers new and old. So the idea that got me so excited was that she was using a mailbox in her classroom. A real mailbox that her husband built a stand for. She uses it to introduce new things in her classroom (ie treats, new books, introduce new themes). I just thought this was genius and I knew I had to have a mailbox for my classroom. I told my husband before I get my first classroom, I must have a mailbox (he's a mailman so it's very fitting)

Well on craigslist last week someone was giving one for free. It was already on a stand. It couldn't be more perfect for my classroom. I picked it up and decided to paint it. Of course it had to go with my safari theme. I went to Walmart and found paint that had been mixed but not purchased so it was discounted 50% (I've heard that Home Depot will sometimes give teachers paint like this for free - you just have to ask) I took a tan/yellowish paint and painted the entire mailbox and stand. I knew I wanted to use a stencil of some sort so the spots were very clean on the edges. I went in search of a think plastic that could be cut into a stencil. The creative hardware lady suggested using a garage sale sign. (what a great idea!) I drew the spots freehand. I then used an exacto knife to cut them out. It made the perfect stencil. I then used a chocolate brown for the spots. I'm very excited how it turned out. I'm not sure what I will use the mailbox for. I love the idea of introducing new themes or even as an agenda box for class meetings. Another thought, in one of the yahoo groups I belong to they have been buzzing about having a mail system within the school. I think that's such a great idea too! I'll keep you posted what I end up using it for.


Debi said...

I like your blog, Mrs. E.

I just started my first blog. I hope you will check it out and tell your collegues and friends about it

Debi, from Debi's Desk

Debi said... inexperience is showing:

Ms. P. said...

What a cool idea! You did a great job painting it. :^)

I have a mailbox that my dad made for me that we use in class, but not one on a stand. It sits beside student "mailboxes" and I put papers in that need to go home with students, raise the flag, and then our class mail person delivers the mail to individual student boxes so it is ready to put in our Take Home folders at the end of the day or week.

fullhouse said...

I HAVE got to get me one of these!
You did a creative job with the painting. I have a hunch when you are in the classroom we are going to be best buds- -bouncing ideas off one another. WAIT- -we're not waiting for that- - I'm taking your ideas already! Thanks for sharing. This is just too cool!

Mrs. Estupinan said...

Debi - Thank you for visiting!!

Mrs. P - Thank you!! I had so much fun painting it. That's a super cute idea to return papers!! I'm writing that one down.

Nancy - Aren't we already best buds :) Thank you - I really did have a blast painting it. I have to give credit to my husband. I was going to paint a bench I found on craigslist the giraffe print and paint the mailbox zebra print, but I'm so glad I took his suggestion and did it the other way around. I have to wait til I get back from D.C. and then I will paint the bench and upload pics :)